Friday, September 11, 2009


Stopping for a snack!

This is a view of the "China Wall" in the Logan Canyon.

After our long hike, we enjoyed dinner at the Bluebird Restaurant in Logan. The kids loved the old soda fountain and the chocolates. Sophie bought a jawbreaker the side of her fist!

Hiking to Wind Cave

I took the kids on a hike up Logan Canyon to Wind Cave for one last summer outing. It was hot and difficult, but we all made it and it was spectacular!


The other night as I was getting ready for bed, I thought I smelled something strange. I walked ":smelling" from one end of the house to the other. As I got closer to the back of the house I could smell smoke. I went out onto the back deck and it smelled like someone had lit a campfire really close. I looked all over the yard, but couldn't see anything. As I was heading back inside, I heard a crackling noise near the driveway. It sounded like footsteps on the gravel. I leaned over the edge of the deck railing to see if someone was there. I couldn't see anyone, but just as I turned to go in, a spark caught my eye. My fence was on fire! There must have been sparks smoldering and smoking as the burning smell was so strong, but the fence was just starting to burn.
I ran back through the house and hollered at John that the back fence was on fire, then ran out front to turn on the hose. I ran back to the back yard and grabbed the hose and put out the fire. John called the fire department. By the time they arrived the fire was out, but there were a few hot spots that they continued to soak. There is an empty lot on the other side of our fence and I don't know if someone was smoking back there or what!? Anyway, I felt so blessed for my good sense of smell and for listening to the spirit whispering to me to find out what was burning. It would have only taken minutes for the fire to spread along the fence and further up into the trees and right onto my roof and deck. I feel that the Lord truly blessed our family and kept us safe.

It was also pretty exciting for a few minutes!!

We went swimming one last time for this summer with the Bird girls. Sierra found a frog!! It was exciting. We miss our cousins who live so far away.
Thanks for coming to visit. We had a fun day!

The Elliots Visit

It was nice to visit with family and relax on the porch and of course plenty of
wild playing went on as well.
It was so fun to see you Pepper and Mark and those cute, cute kids!

August Birthdays

We had a nice visit with my grandma Johnson the day before her birthday.
Happy Birthday grandma!

The cake for Tawnee and Grandma Fowler had a few fingerprints in it as Oslo just couldn't wait!

Happy Birthday Tawnee!

Happy Birthday Grandma Fowler!