Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dress Ups and Dancing

Trying to stay entertained through the winter!

New Mexico

We took a short trip to New Mexico to visit Bitsy. The roads were a bit scary at times, but John's expert driving got us there and back safely.
Of course, swimming at the hotel was the best part of the trip for all of the kids!

We did manage to visit a few sites!

Ice Fishing

John introduced us to ice fishing this winter.
We all actually had fun and liked it!
It was beautiful at Strawberry Reservoir.

New Year Eve 2009

We celebrated New Years Eve with our cousins. Each time the clock struck the hour we celebrated the new year with a tradition from another country.

Thanks to our wonderful Aunts we had a terrific time!


Sledding with cousins on New Years Eve!
We spent all day playing together and loving Beatles Rock Band!

John mostly slept!

Christmas Day

Everyone was happy on Christmas morning!

Christmas 2009

We opened gifts from grandparents on Christmas Eve.

Dad Shared a story narrated by grandpa Heaths recorded voice.
It was a big hit!
Dinner was lovely. Finally, we can all sit around a table together!
Aubrey braved the cold and snow to visit the Pioneer Village with me!

We loved the live nativity.

We all enjoyed the beautiful lights at Temple Square and a horse drawn carriage ride!

Family Christmas Party

We hosted the family Christmas party 2009!
The house was full, but we loved the company!