Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Fake Christmas Tree

Every year we buy a real Christmas Tree. This year, however, I decided that we needed a skinny tree that would fit in our crowded home a little better. I handed John his tape measure and sent him and the kids off to find a tree just the right size. Hours later they came back with no tree. So I bought the fake tree. When the kids found out they were very unhappy. Anjani was devastated. She informed me in a very angry voice that she would not hang any of her ornaments on a fake tree. She would not be looking at that tree and none of her presents would be placed under a fake tree. Her story changed as the decorating began and of course her gifts will be placed right under that tree!

Dancing Queen

Aubrey has been learning a Tongan dance with the older primary girls at church. She is really good! They performed at our ward party and the primary talent show. Everyone was very impressed with Aubrey. Now we are looking for hula classes she enjoyed it so much.

One Busy Little Girl

Rachel is always busy doing something. She LOVES her puppies, and performing tricks. Her favorite is standing with her head on the floor. She is also starting to walk and, holding true to the Heath tradition, is quite the climber!

Did we have fun?

Our Thanksgiving trip was great, even though we did get a bit worn out! We loved having time with Bitsy. How grateful and blessed we feel to be a family.

Breaking out the Moves

Drew provided plenty of entertainment whenever we stopped for a break. Check out his major moves.

Bitsy and Aubrey were the only kids brave enough to meet any of the characters. Even I wasn't about to stand by Spounge Bob Creepy Pants as I call him!

The VERY SCARY Studio Tour!

Who knew the studio tour could be so scary? By the time we encountered King Kong, a flood, fire, Jaws, and an earthquake, Aubrey and Drew got off the tram crying!

Universal Studios

Our trip to California was all about Universal Studios. We had a great day together.

The Beach

Drew loved his first visit to the ocean. Too bad it was dark! We still managed to get pretty wet and collect a lot of sand.

Santa Monica Pier

We had a great view of the sunset over the ocean on the Ferris Wheel at the pier.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We took a little trip to California for Thanksgiving. We stopped tin Vegas for our Thanksgiving meal. It was delicious and NO DISHES!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Marshmallow War

The kids sure had fun -- Papa wasn't so happy about the marshmallow covered backyard!

Jumping for Joy!

The Big Party

Happy birthday Drew and Rachel.