Sunday, October 5, 2008

I really enjoyed watching General Conference today. The kids played with trains through both sessions while listening to the speakers on the radio. I was able to sit and listen with very few interruptions. It was quite a pleasant suprise.


I love fall! It is my favorite season. I am so happy it is here!

I've spent several days putting up peaches and juicing grapes.

We enjoy the grape juice all year long.

Boys Camping Trip

John took Drew with him on his annual camping and fishing trip to Flaming Gorge.
They has a great time.

Sisters Party

Our annual Sisters Party was a lot of fun. We laughed through "Scary Poppins" at the Desert Star Theatre then had a late night
sleepover at moms. We REALLY missed you Dayna & Pepper.

Temple Square

We took a Sunday walk at temple square with cousins.
The weather has been glorious and the flowers are stunning.

Staying Home

Drew and Rachel are happy to have thier mornings to play without
three big sisters getting in the way!

Back to School

The girls are back in school and loving it!! They have the most amazing teachers. We love the Capitol Hill Academy which takes the old one room shcoolhouse approach. Of course, we also love getting out at noon every day!