Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Doll

Rachel loves dolls. She plays with them more than the other 3 girls ever did put together. She wants to be outside pushing her dolls all day. We are really enjoying the nice weather!

Easter Morning

On our way to church Easter morning.
Sophie sang in a trio in Sacrament Meeting with a solo part. She did an amazing job!
We are so thankful for Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect life and died on the cross for us. He was resurrected on that first Easter morning and we know He lives today. He is our Savior, Redeemer and King!

Saturday Egg Hunt

We had a fun easter egg hunt in the backyard.


Dying Easter Eggs with Dad

Mirror. Mirror

It got very quiet around the house one morning. I was expecting some mischief, but found my little one kissing and admiring the cute little girl in the mirror.

Drew thought it was very funny!

The BIG Day

Whit and Meg were married in the Salt Lake Temple on February 29th. It was a wonderful day!


The cotton candy and carnival games were a BIG hit!


Whit & Meg

We had a great time celebrating with Whit and Meg at their Carnival Wedding Party. Look at all those balloons and kids!